Thursday, April 30, 2009

These Email greeting cards with attached does the reciever declare them to be SPAM?

The only button I can find is NOT SPAM, and I don't want this free ecard crap sitting in my bulk mail box for a month.. Help?

These Email greeting cards with attached does the reciever declare them to be SPAM?
I have a Spam button right between the Forward and Move buttons. Saaaaay . . . are you NOT using Yahoo mail? That's treason.
Reply:You know, I just don't know. Report Abuse

Reply:SPAM is a deelicious meat byproduct luncheon loaf, and do not denigrate it's good name, you danged hippie, with all yore disrespect!. Anything you want to declare SPAM you can just send my way...that's more for me!
Reply:If you're on Yahoo mail, you can flag the offender as spam and delete it. Or simply delete it from the bulk mail. What I usually do is delete the entire contents of the bulk mail. If you're on another email system, such as Outlook Express, go up to "messages" on the tool bar after highlighting that email, and they will automatically bar that sender from your system. Two things to remember: (1) Be sure to empty the deleted items folder, or the trash folder -- whatever it's called -- in case there are any viruses, and (2) Do not open that email under any circumstances, for the same reason. I've gotten those "cards" myself, and usually they're harmless -- there are no actual greetings. I've just gotten one of those "This page no longer exists" type of thing. I made the fatal mistake of opening one, because it ostensibly came from a friend. But there are probably some that do contain viruses. So better to be safe than sorry.
Reply:Dayum........try ur "block sender" button under tools in worked 4 me.......they come from the same matter who sent them........hope this helps n have a great weekend !

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