Thursday, April 30, 2009

You think Chase and Citibank credit cards didnt send a bill reminder email so they can charge late fees?

This month I did not receive a reminder to check my statement. They keep sending you email to enroll solely in electronic communication so you have no record.

I always pay in full and on time and I use the maximum of their rewards programs, so I'm probably not a profitable customer for them. With all the financial trouble lately, I wouldn't be surprised if someone in the chain 'ordered' someone to do something. I know Chase and Citibank are the type of companies where bottom line is very important and if a fraction of the people don't reverse / notice the charge, then it would be very profitable for the particular group in this financial quarters results.

Anyone notice this? You can google credit card stories on how they will wait until the last minute to post your payment, so they can hit you with the fees.

This to me seems like a good way to also do it. "We sent the email, our records say! Pay the late fee!"

And yes I checked my junk mail box.

You think Chase and Citibank credit cards didnt send a bill reminder email so they can charge late fees?
Citibank is scum. If you are 5 minutes late they will raise your rate to 23% and charge you 39 bucks, even if you are a long standing solid paying customer. They are only interested in stealing every penny they can from your pocket andf then doing any damage they can to you. I have switched to a lower rate card and am telling evryone I can find to do the same. Doesn't matter, even if they don't bill you they still expect payment. You are ALWAYS wrong, no matter how wrong THEY are. They are an poutstanding example of whats wrong with american business today.
Reply:Actually, the fact that you don't receive a bill or notice doesn't release you from the obligation of paying a bill on time. Some billing notices state that in very fine print on the bill itself. They are within their rights to impose a late fee regardless of why you didn't get your payment in on time. In certain situations, they will make an exception and waive the fee if it's not a regular habit.

While I think this practice is unethical, whether they use it or not is irrelevant because in the end, it's up to the consumer to keep on top of these things.

Good luck.
Reply:Hmmm, interesting idea. Never thought about it... and I was recently considering getting a Chase credit card.. but now I think I will reconsider.

If they are going to be THAT kind of company.. maybe you should just take your business elsewhere.


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