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What is the etiquette for Response cards with Wedding Invitations? Is asking people to Email a reply okay?

My fiance' and I are looking at response cards to go with Wedding invitations, Is is considered tacky to ask for an email reply, or a telephone reply?

What is the etiquette for Response cards with Wedding Invitations? Is asking people to Email a reply okay?
I would much rather reply by email or phone. Proper etiquette? I do not know. In today's busy world, I cannot see how these kinds of replies would be looked upon as tacky. The etiquette was written before email and probably answering machines.

The people you are inviting to your wedding should be family and friends anyway. I pre-stamped my response envelopes however I received phone calls and emails also. They took this upon themselves as I did not offer any choices. I even had a few folks stop by or tell me when I saw them out about town.

This is YOUR wedding, if you want people to reply by Email or phone, ask them to do just that. If someone is so snobbish as to call it tacky, would you want them at the wedding anyway??

Congratulations and Best Wishes.
Reply:If your wedding is formal then you need to include a stamped envelope and have them return it to you-- if you are doing your wedding before 3pm and it's not really formal, you could send the invites and place all your information on there so that they had an option on how to contact you. Is your wedding in the near future, b/c that would give you reason to have an email and phone reply.


This website says it's okay for wedding RSVPs, but not for invites, thank you's, etc

Best of Luck!
Reply:i would include a reply card but also give the guests the opportunity to phone and email replys -- maybe an additional calling card with name, phone and email. i am sure there is some way to do it.
Reply:From what I recall looking through my book on etiquette, e-mail and phone should only be used for casual events or a quick get together. This depicts the formality of the event as well as the fact that not everyone uses e-mail or knows how. If it were any other occasion, I don't think it would be such a big deal. Good luck and congrats!
Reply:Despite the technology, email replies just don't cut it . The cards are sent out six to eight weeks before the wedding , if by two weeks before you haven't heard back then you or your mum or mil must get on the phone and confirm who is coming and how many in their party. The caterers will need to know this and if people show up who haven't responded, then they may have to pay for their meal as well as give you a gift since they were too stunned to reply to an rsvp.
Reply:Yes it's considered tacky. Telephone replies are really only suitable for children's birthday parties or bbq's. For an occasion as special as a wedding use response cards that are to be mailed to you. Having mailed response cards is actually quite helpful when determining how many people will attend, because you have their physical reply on the card. You can email or call people who haven't RSVP'd a week or so before the wedding to see if they are coming or not.

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