Saturday, November 19, 2011

How come you have to give out your credit card information just to have a yahoo email account?

I have had a yahoo email account for over 5 years I would say, and remember if I had to give out my credit card information, and I didn't. But now to have a new account I need to give it out. All I ever hear now is that identity theft is happening everywhere online and the last thing I need to do is hand out my credit card information to yahoo. Yahoo doesn't need that, why would they? Why don't I just hand out my social security card and give them all of my bank account numbers while I'm at it. Hell, why don't I just tell them what hand I wipe with? Why not? Because it has abosoulty no relevence to opening up a email account. And to top that off the only way I can contact customer service is to call them by phone. Not even Yahoo itself has an email account. Why? They don't even want to give out their own information? Why? Because it's personal and no one should know it but themselves.

Thank you, whoever you are, to take the time to read this and if you have the answer email me.

How come you have to give out your credit card information just to have a yahoo email account?
sounds like ur getting fished ... ive never heard anything about needing a credit card for yahoo nothin ...
Reply:Chill, you only have to give your credit card to a yahoo account you pay for such as one with advanced features like more memory. if you are paying for it then yes a credit card would make sense. A regular free yahoo account doesn't require a credit card.
Reply:you don't have to give any credid card details here in australia

to open an account are you sure it was not a scam that you filled out??? better check it out that all your details have not already been stolen
Reply:I've NEVER had to do that and I've had a yahoo account for like 1 or 2 years. You might be getting what they call "phished". They could take you to a website just like paypal, a bank, or maybe even yahoo too. These people will keep telling you "We will NEVER ask for your personal information, and you should never give it out, not even to a (yahoo...paypal...ebay) employee." Unless you signed up for something to pay for, well what else did they ask for??? If they asked for anything else, you should go and stop your debit card and get another one right now. PLease say you didn't give it out. I've gotten phished from paypal (fake email saying that I paid for something and it didn't even get sutracted from my balance but I fell for it anyway) its the most awful thing you can do ever!!! Dont do it.. they will keep coming up with ideas to get your info. Dont do it, Please say you didn't.
Reply:Not unless you're purchasing some service from them. Something like a basic (non premium) email account shouldn't require a credit card.

Also, I recommend that you log into Yahoo from their home page, by typing the address in manually, so that you don't fall victim to a "phisher" site---a site that looks like Yahoo but really isn't (the address will be different).
Reply:You do not need to give out your credit card to get a yahoo email address. You only need it if you're trying to get Yahoo! Mail Plus account which provides additional storage, and other things. If you try to register for the free email account you should see an address similar to this one:

If what you see is nothing like that one it may be a fake website setup.
Reply:Yahoo! wants easy access to ur money if it ever comes to someone getting an advanced account or making a purchase through them. Therefore, they don't have to worry about unpayed bills and money programs with their customers. Your credit card info is not mandatory with a free account...

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