Saturday, November 19, 2011

Who can i send an email/letter of complaint to about a telephone card?

i have a big complaint about the Digame telephone card, and i went to thier website and sent an email to customer support, but i feel this isnt enough. then i talked to customer service and they cant help me. so i want to send this email to someone higher than them, someone in charge of the company..or just anyone who can help me. who do i send it to ?

Who can i send an email/letter of complaint to about a telephone card?
Hi Sweetie,

Customer Service won't get U any where, but find out from them, or ask for the Supervisor/Manager state R complaint %26amp;/or directly ask for Head Office Address %26amp; Phone# as it may have to be in writing %26amp; billing # etc. They'll probably ask what it's concerning: Just say I have a complaint %26amp; ALWAYS get the full name of the person r speaking with. And don't be intiminated by them, just ask what U want R go further up the latter, I'm sure they don't want to loose customer. However, dealing with these people you must use an Athouritive Voice to get anywhere. R not pussy-footing around so to speak. Get H.O. number %26amp; state r Full Unsatisfactory Claim with a rather Angry, but serious Statement! All By Best of LucK! Go Get em Tiger! lol Sometimes u have to be cruel to be kind? R goal is to get H.O. address %26amp; Phone#! If u need help with the letter e-me back with situation, %26amp; I will help u, I'm notorious

in that field! Oh, %26amp; details + note E-Mail Re: Telephone Card!

You shud be able to get the H.O. Office by web-seach on Digame + Telephone Card............ try............. Good Luck!

LOL, Diana D

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