Saturday, November 19, 2011

How do you deliver orders through email in Paypal?

I want to send my products through email because they're just css codes in a zipped folders. But how can I do that? Probably most of my customers will use credit cards to pay and I want to get their email addresses so I can deliver it.

How do you deliver orders through email in Paypal?
In setting up your merchant account you can ask that the email address be given. You can also set it up so that you receive notification of new payments, this will show the email address of the buyer as they too receive confirmation of payment via email.

I have used Paypal for 10 years and all of my orders have an email address with them.

You might also clarify on the order page that you need the correct email address in order to email the order to the customer.
Reply:The entire concept behind PayPal is that buyers and sellers are able to send and receive payments to/from their email address. Any PayPal payment you receive will automatically include an email address. Please keep in mind, the selling of virtual goods is a high risk business because you have absolutely no protection if you receive a fraudulent payment. My best advise is to require your buyers to provide a confirmed shipping address and mail out the information on a CD which can be tracked via a tracking or delivery confirmation number. It may cost you a couple extra bucks to ship, but it may be worth it, it kind of depends on how much these transactions will be. If its less than $10, go nuts, its not probable that you'll be the target of fraud. But if its $50 or more, ship the CD.

Hope this helps.

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