Monday, May 11, 2009

Are email SAVE THE DATE cards come across as tacky or cheap?

I just made 140 "save the date"cards and we just changed my date and location. I thought of just coming up with an elegant email or PDF to send out to all the guests email addresses. I could even great a nice website and just send out the link. If you received one of these would you take it as being tacky or cheap? My wedding is next August. Any other ideas?

Are email SAVE THE DATE cards come across as tacky or cheap?
I don't think it's tacky at all. It's practical and useful. If I received one, whether though regular mail or email, I'd be grateful for the info and heads up on a date far in the future. You could use Evite too. I find using Evite is really helpful for getting info out quickly.
Reply:I wouldn't find it tacky, but you may not be able to reach all of your guests this way. If you are sending them out in addition to your invitations, that may become a bit prohibitive, cost wise, if you mail them all out.
Reply:Personally, I think it looks cheap. There's nothing like a nice, printed invitation that people can look at, pass around, or even save if they want to. I usually just throw emails like that away without viewing.
Reply:No, I think its a great idea! I hate getting like 3 or 4 different invitations for the same damn wedding!
Reply:Do the photo cards (like photo xmas cards) but they make them for all occasions. Have a pic of you and your beloved and announce the changed date.

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