Monday, May 11, 2009

My friend has all my passwords, email, debit cards and voice mail.?

My friend has all my passwords and will not give me his email passwords. I doubt him now should I end our friends with benefits relationship? Should I remain loyal? I don't want to!

My friend has all my passwords, email, debit cards and voice mail.?
That is really wierd that he does not trust you enough to give you his personal information. Especially when he has all of your information. I would find out why he is holding this information back. If he is wierd about it, get out of that relationship. It is not worth it.
Reply:Firstly go into your E-mail base and change all your passwords..and anything else he has knowledge of..then kick his butt and find some-one else who isn't so intrusive..DON'T GIVE YOUR NEW PASSWORDS TO ANYONE%26gt;%26gt;never trust anyone (there is more evil done in the name of friendship than anything else)I'm married and my wife doesn't know my e-mail address or my credit details..
Reply:You should change all your passwords. Never give them to anyone. Do what you feel you need to do about the relationship - but, keep that friendship separate from your personal information.
Reply:Change your passwords, get new debit cards and get a new voice mail code................This is not a friend. A friend wouldn't need all that stuff anyway......
Reply:u should just change every password thing since its YOUR stuff and YOUR buisness and NOT HIS.... and just don't trust him any more.

Why, in your right mind, would you give ANYONE your passwords? Nevermind. Why would you give ANYONE YOUR DEBIT CARD?!

It's common sense! Idiot.
Reply:I don't think you should end your relationship just yet but change your passwords, and don't give them out again to anybody!
Reply:Why would you let any one have con-troll of you like that? How much trouble will it be for you to change your pass words? It should not be to hard, and do not let your friend know your doing it . Let them fine out the hard way! You do know he could change them on you at any time don't you? And stop you from accessing your own information and money.
Reply:Just because you gave him yours doesn't obligate him to give you his unless he wants to. If that's what you wanted, you should've made an agreement beforehand. I don't see that as a reason to quit being friends because no one I know has any of my information. However, I would recommend you change all your passwords and not do that again. Someone will end up screwing you over bad.
Reply:change all your passwords asap then decide whether you want to end the relationship.
Reply:why did you give him all your info? My fiance doesn't even know my passwords etc. this seems fishy!
Reply:Do what you feel is right...I would change all my passwords though -- tell him that it will have to be an even trade, no one sided crap. Should you remain loyal? If you don't want too -- don't!
Reply:Change your info.
Reply:Why would you give him all of that valuable info in the first place?
Reply:My goodness, why? Change your passwords - all of them! request new cards, etc.
Reply:big mistake. suggest you chang e them all.
Reply:Oooh, you never give out your passwords. Change them now.
Reply:What??? That makes no sence. Why would you give someone you were friends with benefits all your private information?? He does not want you to have them becuase you should not have then. Dumb idea to give him all your info.

Think before you act!
Reply:destroy you're friend
Reply:I think your expectations in a friend are a little too high. Most people don't exchange all that information, and I recommend that you change your passwords. This kind of thing is definitely not worth ruining a relationship over.
Reply:First, why would you give him all your passwords if he doesn't give you his? Sounds like someone you shouldn't trust. I would just change my passwords and move on. I don't "get" the whole FWB thing....that's just ridiculous. End it and move on and find someone that's looking for commitment and honesty and sharing passwords. :o)

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