Monday, May 11, 2009

When you do your cards for Christmas do anyone email them or write them by hand and mail them.?

i write some than my hubby writes some.i know it coast money to that but i like getting mail so i think the old way is best for me.

When you do your cards for Christmas do anyone email them or write them by hand and mail them.?
We send out cards though the mail. But there are a few we always exchange an E-card plus mailed cards.

I love Christmas cards, the beautiful scenes and the funny little snowmen and furry animals. We put them up around the doorway for everyone to see.
Reply:i rarely write christmas cards, but yeah, i do handwrite them. much more tedious, yet much more intimate. :)
Reply:In general I think most christmas cards ARE impersonal even if they're sent by mail. Usually people take a picture of their kids, make dozens of prints, and send it out to all their acquaintances. I think if you're going to write Christmas cards you should personalize each one and only send it to people you truly are fond of. If they are meaningful/personal messages I think its fine to email them.
Reply:I mail them about 3 weeks before Christmas usually with a picture of my Son inside.
Reply:I do it all by hand. It makes it more special.
Reply:It's so much more fun to do them by hand, and mail them too. It's traditional, some things that are traditional are just a little bit more fun. It's the simple things in life that make them worthwhile. Email is great for notes and such, but not for Christmas cards. There to personal and need that special touch.
Reply:To email a Christmas card is so impersonal. I would never do it. Sending them in the mail will always be the proper thing to do. It will never go out of style.
Reply:i write for my parents and brother and friends sometimes, but since i moved far away from them, some people i just email to cause i dont really have any choice since i cant meet them.. but i always say happy xmas to everyone i care about every year
Reply:I definitely prefer giving actual cards.

Emails are fine for staying in touch, etc but a card by email isn't personal enough I think.

Plus, with a real card the person gets to open it and place it on their mantlepiece - a simple but nice thing.
Reply:I've sent Christmas cards to friends and family through the postal system for 35 years. Some years I send a few, others, I send a LOT! I've always written "Love from, Jane, John, Jr. %26amp; Julie" by hand. Usually, I'll do a letter on the computer, sometimes personalizing it to each recipient, sometimes not, to tuck into each card. While the Christmas standardized letter is frequently "dreaded" by some, it is often the ONLY time some friends hear from me - and me from THEM! I've received very few cards via internet, and will never send Christmas cards via the internet, as it IS too impersonal, despite the cost of postage. I'm with you, as REAL mail in my mail box can brighten my whole week!!
Reply:i write mine out, i live in small town so i hand out the ones in my town, i visit for about 10/15 min then off i go to the next

house.i get to catch up plus i save on postage.
Reply:I like to mail them too. It's just More personal that way!!

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