Monday, May 11, 2009

Mail or email Christmas cards?

Both - depending on the person and location

Mail or email Christmas cards?
Mail, it may not be quite so good for the environment but it is a lot more personal, and it is only once a year after all!
Reply:Mail every time
Reply:I do both, Just logged on to and sent a load.
Reply:Mail, defiantly. Especially as some people don't have broadband. Plus mailed cards can be hung up which is so much more Christmassy
Reply:The United States Postal System would request that you mail them ........ so just how many are you sending?
Reply:email those I can't hand deliver
Reply:Mail ! who wants to go on there computer every time to look at there Christmas Cards.
Reply:I do both.. email and mail
Reply:Both are acceptable. Just think about the format the receiver would like.
Reply:Well, let's look at it this way, if they won't be offended, no postage, 24/7 service, don't have to go out in the weather to send or receive
Reply:Totally Mail it means you care and you don't just click a button it means you put some thought into it but mabe if there like really far away an email
Reply:Definately writen christmas cards if you have the persons address. But an email one if you only know them online is okay. But I prefer real cards.

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