Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Instead of sending out holiday cards, what do you think about donating to a charity instead?

Every year we waste money on cards that just get tossed in the trash two weeks after receiving them. I was thinking about donating that money instead to a charity and sending out an email encouraging my would be holiday card recipients to do the same. Any thoughts?

Instead of sending out holiday cards, what do you think about donating to a charity instead?
Actually, I've wondered why people give each other lavish gifts that they don't need (in fact, some people have so much that others can't even think of anything to give them!), and then say that they don't have anything to give to charity. I think your idea is an excellent one; there are a lot of people out there who need the basics - food, clothing, and shelter - a lot worse than Aunt Tilly needs ANOTHER bottle of cologne!
Reply:Send the 39 cents per stamp per envelope and the money you would have spent on cards to a charity....good idea!

I think another suggested e-cards instead...this is a good idea!

PS. You are also saving trees! Double pat on the back for you!
Reply:I try to do both . I don't have a lot to share , but I do what I can .

About the cards I love getting them and sending them to my family and Friends , It shows that we are thinking of each other .
Reply:Donate it to " The Human Foundation "
Reply:Good idea. Let us think first of the suffering people.

Besides giving physical food, we can give them spiritual food too.
Reply:sounds good, but a lot of people have already sent out cards - i know i did.

you can also send out e-cards instead.
Reply:You can buy cards made by these charities and send them out.
Reply:Don't You buy Your cards from a charitable organization, as a way of making a donation? Don't You use pre-paid envelopes from the same institution? Don't You collect up all the old cards and place them in the appropriate receptacle so that charities can obtain funds from the recycling process? Don't You think that the idea of sending an email shows that You just couldn't be bothered to make an effort?

P.S., Merry Christmas (Not quite the same as a card, is it?)

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