Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Should i put my home address on my business cards?

Myself and my workmate are thinking of going into business together. We are looking at ordering some business cards but dont know whether or not to put a address on the cards. As we dont actually have any premises it would have to be a home address. Do you think that this is a good idea or should we just have our mobile numbers along with an email address?

Should i put my home address on my business cards?
No I would only give mobile numbers. Some people wouldn't think twice about calling round on a Saturday night.

Good luck.
Reply:you should get a P.O Box at your local Usps
Reply:i wouldn't give out an address, the phone numbers an email address is enough.
Reply:i would only put your number on the cards, not your address
Reply:It's always good to have some sort brick-and-mortar location; it gives you credibility. I don't recommend your home address; a PO Box might be okay. You could try these guys:


They seem like they'd be great for your situation, a home-based business. It looks professional to potential clients. I have no idea of pricing, but they seem to offer a lot of options, so maybe they're flexible.
Reply:i wouldnt, never know who you are giving cards to, or who is behind the suit or make up ;) maybe a mobile number but that would be it
Reply:The best looking business cards are at www.myezprinter.com. There are also great design and marketing tips in the business card section.
Reply:I use only my mobile# and web address.
Reply:NO WAY! You need to protect yourself. If you need a mailing address I strongly recommend that you get yourself a P.O Box instead. Good Luck!!!
Reply:I wouldn't use my home address.. phone numbers and E-mail address is enough for a business card.

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