Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There is a company called Otartel which sells gift cards to different places at various savings?

The savings run from 3% - as much as 12%

I purchased about $150 worth over a month ago but when I try to go on their website it's just a blank screen %26amp; the phone number always goes to vms--I decided to pay $30 to have my check cancelled(they don't accept credit cards)

Was this a wise decision? I have still not received any email confirmation nor items

There is a company called Otartel which sells gift cards to different places at various savings?
Yes. You made a very wise decision. It is increasingly obvious that the site is a scam and there are open investigations ongoing by the NYC DA and the USPS.

The site is currently shut down.

Please join the google group at the following website:


You will have to sign in to join the group, but, please don't be alarmed by this. The people there want to see justice.

Within this group you will be able to share your story, join with others, and find advice on how to seek justice. Here is an example of information on the site:

1. The Better Business Bureau can't do much. They recommended the

Attorney General of NY (212) 416 8433 for the internet bureau -

www.oag.state.ny.us as having more power to investigate. Here's the

link to their monetary loss complaint form -


2. File mail fraud complaint with USPS inspection service

Print out and mail: http://postalinspectors.uspis.gov/radDoc...

Or fill out and submit online:


3. Send an e-mail to Inspector Christopher A. Nielsen at the following


mail address:


4. This is another agency that we could all file a complaint with -

New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.


5. If your driver's license # or SSN was on the check sent to OtarTel,

you may want to close your accounts to avoid identity theft. Add an

alert to your credit reports for 90 days. The three credit agencies

would let you do this for free if you believe that a (potential) fraud

(would) happen to you. It is renewable for another 90 days after it


Finally, you should file with your local police, but if you are not in

NYC, that would not help much. Instead, filing with FBI and Attorney

General of New York State. If we get enough people, these two agencies

would most likely be the ones that take care of our business.


Name: OtarTel, Inc.

Known contacts:

Otar Telia

2065 8th St

Brooklyn NY 11214


Anatoley Ryvkin

172 Madison Ave

Manhattan, NY 10016


Web site (no operating any longer): otartel.com

E-mail (no operating any longer): customerservice@otart
Reply:I spoke with NYPD's Midtown North precinct (Otartel's rented PO box was in its jurisdiction) and they recommend that victims file a report with their LOCAL police and it is then communicated to them. Please join the Google group as there is power in numbers. Report Abuse

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