Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where can I find a website for printing birthday cards for free?

Anyone know of some websites that offer good birthday cards to print for free?

I am not looking for eCards to send by email.


Where can I find a website for printing birthday cards for free?
Create Printable Greeting Cards, Birthday Cards and moretry picturebuzz free · create custom printable birthday cards online ... Create a greeting card and print it right on your desktop printer instantly. ...

www.picturebuzz.com/ - 18k - Cached - Similar pages

Free Printable Birthday Cards! Funny, cute and thoughtful birthday ...Birthday Cards! Hilarious, cute and funny cards plus FREE printable cards monthly! ... Please note only card #1 on this page is free for printing. ... cat:ML%26amp;lifestylehttp://wwapak.blogspot.com
Reply:im sure theres a website for it because i found a site to print business cards for free bacsue i already bought the paper for it. but if you want to save money on ink just buy a birthday cards from the dollar store. you get more in a pack. or just draw and make your own. draw pictures and decoarate it with stickers. actually.... o ya i used to make cards through my cd i got for my old canon printer. it was a program called create-a card. see if you can buy the cd-rom from the store. it lets you crop pics and choose text and different colors and you can over lap pics they already have in their gallery. and it already has the template to make cards. ya so look for create a card.
Reply:You could try this web site, but you need to download the software.


I hope this helped you :)


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