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Do you still get and send Christmas cards?

This morning I received the first card I've had since Christmas 2001 ! What a lovely surprise !! From a caring and kind Canadian dragon, a special person (I know we arent allowed to post names)

My relatives in Norway used to send beautiful cards, now they email - and I realized I dont even have addresses anymore for them, or for any of my friends. Just email addresses.

I know everyone is busy at this time of the year, but I think our society has lost something meaningful. I know my friend in Washington spends a lot of time picking out her email card, and she even buys them ! Most of us make do with the free ones, and its nice to get them too, but its still not the same is it?

Do you still get and send Christmas cards?
Yes, I still get and send Christmas cards, as well as other types of cards throughout the year. I also get cards still, it's always very special to go to the mail box and have a card or letter there from a loved one. We also exchange cards at church, so I get several and hang them on the wall. We put the presents under these and take pics on the years I don't decorate, when we're going to be away for the holidays.

I agree that although e-cards are a nice thought, they aren't the same. Also sometimes when you send them they keep sending advertisements afterwards.

Hope your holiday season is wonderful!
Reply:When postage stamps got so spendy we shortened our list considerably. Still send out to close friends we dont see often and family.
Reply:Yes still receive and send cards to those special in my life. I am upset by the very wealthy that say they donate the cost of cards and stamps to charity. B.S.
Reply:I still receive a few.Funny thing,I filled out mine today.My list is smaller this year.I was taught to send them to people you love and respect????Funny I got to figuring,I never get a card from them so save my money.I did put it in their last card.Just said"If I fail to hear from you after this card,i will not bother you again".I meant every word too...
Reply:We still get some, still send a few. Most to friends are e-cards. Postage just costs too much.
Reply:I do both usually - e cards and snail mail paper cards. This year may be different as postage is higher and I am poorer! lol

I like getting snail mail cards and I decorate with them but I also appreciate the ecards people take the time to send.
Reply:yes i love getting and sending out cards each year.i don't do the e-mail thing because 99 percent of my friends and family don't have a computer.i just got a card today from my oldest cousin who lives in Michigan.i enjoy the pretty cards,we are almost shut in because i cant drive much eny more and Hubie is blind so a nice card is something i look forward to.we get about 6 or 7 .i wish i got 100.
Reply:I send about 25-30 cards a year to the folks that I have mailing addresses for. Then if I only have their email address, they just get the e-card. I would much rather send a card through mail than email them.

I get about 5-8 cards a year sent to me through the mail and about 15 or so e-cards.

I love the cards that I get through the mail cause I can hang those to where not only I can see them but my company can too. You sure can't hang up your e-cards for all to see.
Reply:We usually get a few. Don't send many except online.
Reply:Very, very few. Since I make cards, I will make a few for close girlfriends and hand it to them when I see them. I mail about ten. Yes, postage is an issue. Of course, there are people, like former co-workers that I only hear from at this time of year. I would like to keep up that relationship even if is only once a year.
Reply:I send cards out every year I like to do that and keep in touch with Aunts and Uncles on both sides of the family. I send out letters to my grandchildren from "Santa" I really have a good time with those! I send out two different kind of cards, one set for our family and Harley cards to our Harley motorcycle friends!
Reply:I usually get four or five cards. One from my chiropractor, one from my doctor, and two or three from my son and a couple of friends. My dog always got one from her vet. My dog is gone now. I send out three or four. I didn't have e-mail last Christmas so I don't know yet if they will change to e-mail cards.

I can remember sending and receiving thirty to forty cards every year. I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore. I do make phone calls at holidays.
Reply:My first Christmas card every year is from a friend in California. It arrives on Thanksgiving weekend, never fail. I just mailed out mine yesterday, the earliest I have ever done. I love sending and receiving cards and notes from my friends and family.
Reply:Still get and send quite a few cards. No Emails for holidays or birthdays.
Reply:I still send many cards, and enclose letters and photographs. Mostly to old pals that I don't see too often, and family overseas. I receive a lot too, and I love them. Its my favourite part of Christmas.
Reply:Yes, to immediate family (wife takes care of hers), a preacher friend in Sicily, a friend in Ghana, my present Sunday school kids, a few old shipmates.
Reply:Sadly I send fewer cards, due to the cost of postage and less

family and friends I used to hear from and don't now.

I've always enjoyed the tradition of sending and receiving cards all these years and I love to tape them to a door to look them over sometimes. Now I only get a little over a dozen. And I used to send out three boxes, when my husband was working in sales. And when I sold Avon, I always remembered my customers. But those were put into the order sacks, and they didn't require postage. I hate to see another tradition bite the dust.

I used to think that sending a card, was a little gift of friendship I was passing along. There have been so many lost traditions as family members have passed away. I guess there comes a time when new traditions should be begun. I'm thinking about it. As I need to revive the 'spirit' that I used to

overflow with this time of year. I used to have the money and

the time to shop for quality gifts, and would be so excited for

everyone to open what I'd given them. And now I lack the

excitement as I can't afford the 'nicer' gifts that I would enjoy

receiving myself.

But I'll continue to send cards as long as I can still hold a pen

to write with. I find from spending so much time on a keyboard, that my hand has forgotten how to use a pen, and

still write legibly LOL. I thought the other day, it was old age,

but it's just the lack of circulation LOL. I need to limber my

fingers up to actually hold a pen and write a straight line.
Reply:Even tho' I'm Jewish I still buy cards for my Christian friends who in turn send me Hanukkah cards - the two holidays are usually pretty close together! But unfortunately, a lot of my friends are not with us any more and my list of names and addresses is dwindling very fast. Sad - - - - but true! CJ
Reply:my idea of Christmas card goes something like this:

Year one: Buy the cards

Year two: Sign the cards

Year three: Address the cards

Year four: prepare to send the card, take them to the post office, then realize that you have changed partners since year two when you signed them ___ and it is back to step one and start all over again.
Reply:Still many cards...I finally got a PC, but most older friends still don't have one!! In addition, now many E-mails for 'new' friends... That's good!!......Merry Christmas to All!!!!

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