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Question about sending thank-you cards after someones death?

My father recently passed away after a short illness. In lieu of flowers we requested donations be made to a burn unit of a hospital (my father was a retired fire fighter). The contact person I have at the burn unit told me when they receive a donation in memory of my dad, they send out a thank you card and will email me a list of people who made a donation. My question is, do I still send out a thank you card also? Thank you.

Question about sending thank-you cards after someones death?
I'm sorry for your loss, I also lost mine last AUG 27. I agree with the people who have suggested that you should. Since it was through your father that donations to the burn unit of the hospital was made possible. You can start, "In behalf of my father, I would like to thank all those who have sent donations for..." It's just an act of courtesy otherwise, you can request your contact person to also include your personal "thank you" in the card that he will be sending out. That way, it will both contain your personal thoughts and that of the staff of the hospital. I think this would be the better option. This would also help you feel that you're doing this not only for the hospital, but more importantly, for your father. I also understand what you're undergoing right now, it's easy for people to say to move on, but getting by is barely easy. Anyway, my condolences and I hope I have helped in some way.
Reply:Yes, if you have the information, then it's extremely important to show your gratitude.
Reply:I would just put a big ad in the paper thanking everyone for their thoughtfulness, and sign your Dad`s name along with yours. People really do appreciate that gesture too.
Reply:You don't send out those cards with pre-printed messages, but you do send out short, handwritten notes. They can be written on plain letter paper, on formal note cards, or on informal note cards. Formal notes are the ones that are very plain and in neutral colors like ivory or pale grey. Informals are the ones with pictures on the front. If you want to use informals, it might be hard to find something with a picture that isn't "all wrong" for such a solemn and somber message. You might try a catalogue tageted to firefighters; I have seen blank note cards with firefighter related pictures. (My ex-husband was a firefighter.)

There is nothing incorrect about someone else writing the notes for you. "Dear Mr. Frazier, Anita Arkin wants you to know how much she appreciates your generous donation in her father's memory. Your kindness means a lot to the family in their time of trouble. Yours truly, Adam Green" is one example of how an "on behalf of" note can be written.

This is excellent task for all those people who have been saying "Let me know if there's anything I can do." Call in those volunteers and spare yourself what would be a painful task. I'm sorry for your loss.
Reply:that would be the proper thing to do . this tells the people that made the donation that you care enough about the foundation to check and see who sent them something your Dads' memory . You have my deepest sympathy . I lost my Dad in March , and it's tough .
Reply:I think it would be extra nice for you to write a brief, personal message thanking each one for honoring your father's memory.
Reply:I suppose it would be "proper",,,,but in lieu of the fact you just lost your father...I don't think they are expecting one...
Reply:Yes, you should still send a thank-you note. The foundation sends a thank-you note specifically due to the fact that they've received a donation from the individual (regardless of whether the individual is making a donation in memory of someone who has passed away or whether the person is making a donation for other, more general, purposes). You should send a thank you card thanking those who have donated in memory of your father, and thank them for supporting your family in their time of grief.
Reply:I would follow up and send out thank you cards as well. This shows the people that the family members are aware of their thoughts and donations. I would also place a thank you article to the local paper thanking all those who donated in memory of your father. You should not list all the names in the paper, for if you accidentally missed a name that person would be hurt. Just state "TO ALL THOSE"
Reply:A thank you note is always appropriate for any act of kindness to you or your family.
Reply:i would, the hospital thanked people for their donation, you are thanking them for honoring your father's memory...

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