Monday, May 17, 2010

How do I make a 'list' of contacts to send email to all at one time?

I would like to send holiday cards to a bunch of people at one time. I remember seeing something about 'making a list' but can't seem to find it anymore on Yahoo email. Does anyone know how to make a list on Yahoo email? Thank you. Ronni

How do I make a 'list' of contacts to send email to all at one time?
If you are trying to make a mailing list and you are using Yahoo!Mail beta, first click on the "Contacts" link. At the top you will see a button labled "Add List." Click on that, type in a name for the list in the top box.

In the second box start typing an email address. The auto complete feature will start showing any address already in your address book. Select the one you want and then click the "Add Contact to List" button.

Keep adding addresses unitl you have entered everyone you want to include. Then click the "Save" button and you are done.

Now whenever you want to send a message to that group you just type in the name of your list and everyone on the list will receive it.

Hope this helps!
Reply:When you go into your email to compose and when it says who to send it to go to contacts and press every ones email address you want to send the email to. Then go to your message write it and send and every one on the list will get the email.
Reply:easiest way is to type in the people's names/email addresses separated by a semicolon (;) try and do it on the BCC line so that others that recieve the message do not know the addresses of who it was sent to wherever possible. if the message is forwarded from someone else because it's cute... a joke... or someone reading it is infected with a virus all of the addresses in that email could be snatched up by less than desirable parties since it shows the other person's email addresses if just on the to or cc lines.

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