Monday, May 17, 2010

Ebay want my credit card to update my email address?

I don't want to become a victim of fraud, it just seems strange that you already put in your email address and it askes for your credit card number for added security to update your email address

Ebay want my credit card to update my email address?
This happend with me when I also tried to change to a hotmail address - I dont have a CC anymore and couldnt give any details even if I wanted to - (was a bit weary like you) - they e mailed explaining that the reason they ask for this is because of the type of e mail account your using - I opened a googlemail one in the end and it processed it after the confirmation e mail - and I didnt need to supply the cc details then.
Reply:On Ebay you don't need to put in your CC to update your email!

Type in "" on your browser (instead of following a link there) and log in and then update your email.
Reply:Nicky : do not send any thing because they can rip you off

just stay away from Ebay ! " warning it's not an good place

to shop" ! as an better idea go to Mall or a shopping center

in town only
Reply:It's called 'phishing' to disguise yourself as a legitimate company, like they are doing. You should report them to your isp. :-)
Reply:it's a scam! don't do it, go to eaby at report it! if you already did it, go to ebay and notify them, right away!
Reply:it is a scam,,,not the real ebay site
Reply:This is a Spoof Email. They are trying to get your personal information and credit card numbers. Report this to eBay
Reply:Don't do it! Make a copy of the email and send it to ebay security! It happened to me once - thank goodness someoneone told me to do this!
Reply:Never give your credit card number to an online service unless you're absolutely sure the service is trustworthy. If you need to update your Email it would ask you for a user ID and password perhaps, but not a credit number. Don't put in your number.

(This is why I refuse to use Ebay.)

No reputable company/firm would ever ask for a credit card number just to update your email addy. I hope you didn't fall for this!!
Reply:If you got this by email, then YES, it is a fraud.

Close everything and go to and log in. Check your account, and you will see that everything is fine. If there was something, they would tell you at the website.

Basically PayPal and eBay send you NOTHING. Don't be fooled. In fact, Forward that email to to let them know. They have the resources to Track it down.

Good luck
Reply:Please do not give that information to anyone. Ebay would not ask for that. IT IS A SCAM!!!!

No one would ask for your credit card info unless you are buying something and are on a secure site.

Good Luck. Stay Safe.
Reply:Are you getting an e-mail? If so, check this out:
Reply:i wouldn't-there is no reason they need that info to update your address

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