Monday, May 17, 2010

What is a friendly message I could use to send guests an email who havent rsvped?

I am still missing about 40 rsvps from people. i want to send them an email in about a week which would be exacly a week before the rsvp deadline.

what can I say in the mail to not make it sound like I am making them send me the rsvp card back.

is a week before the rsvp deadline a good time to send the email or should I do it a week n a half or 2 weeks in advanced?

What is a friendly message I could use to send guests an email who havent rsvped?
just send a basic email to everybody even those who have aready rsvped it make the ones who havent feel less targeted

just say something like hey guys as you proberly know my party is fast approaching on such and such date im looking forward to seeing everyone one there. for those who havent rsvped yet can you please do so asap, so food and beverage amounts can be ordred, i wouldnt want anybody to miss out. thanks heaps guys and hope to see you all there :)
Reply:If you gave them a specific deadline you shouldn't send anything until it's passed. What was the point in giving them a deadline in the first place if you're going to send them a reminder a week ahead of time ?

If you do send anything it should be on the date you mentioned and it should say

"We're finalizing our plans and haven't heard from you yet. Please let us know if you're planning to join us
Reply:Most of the time, I reply and I get annoyed when people keep asking, but what makes me DO reply is when they go " were getting full and reaching our limit and only have a couple of spots open left, please rsvp and I'll tell you if I have a spot available!"

xD When spots are running out or if its getting to the point where i actually wont be able to come is when i want to come =P

Hope I helped!
Reply:A week seems fine.'s an example. you don't have to do it but yeah.

Dear friends,

This is just a reminder for you to send your RSVP's out. if you haven't done so yet, you have a week. Hoping to see you all there.

Hope that helps.
Reply:How about sending the following (informal) message:

I still haven't heard whether or not you are planning on coming to [EVENT] on [DAY], [DATE]. I would greatly appreciate hearing from you by [RSVP DEADLINE]. I hope to see you there!

Reply:I think one week is good. That gives them a couple more days to think about it if they need to. Say something like: Just a reminder that the RSVP is due by June 20. Kindly let us know if you will be celebrating with us.
Reply:Just a quick reminder about {insert event}. If you haven't already, please RSVP so I can plan for food and space.

Hope to see you all there!
Reply:"Just a reminder that the RSVP date is a week away! In case you forgot, we would really like you to join us."

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